Dear all

We hope that all of you have got a good start on 2023.

It is time for a brief newsletter to keep you updated on the status of the entire BrainDrugs project.

We are happy to share with you that right before Christmas the Lundbeck Foundation approved a request from us to extend the overall project grant period with additional 2½ years, which means that the BrainDrugs grant now runs until Dec 31, 2026. This is very positive since it gives us more time for data collection in our two prospective WP4 cohort studies on Depression and Epilepsy, which were the components that experienced the largest delay due to the pandemic.

From WP1, you can read a short popular summary of Eva’s study where she investigates the association between epilepsy and depression:

Staff news:

On July 1st, Anders Søgaard employed Wenyan Li from University of Maryland, College Park, as a PhD student on WP2. Desmond Elliott will be Wenyan’s supervisor. Welcome to both Wenyan and Desmond. You can find a list of all the salaried BrainDrugs employees on

With regard to the two prospective WP4 cohort studies, we are blessed with having some very clever students who help with patient recruitment, planning, psychological testing and EEG- and MRI acquisitions. Every semester, we have about 5-10 new students starting at NRU.

Early Career Forum (ECF):

The ECF meetings which are spearheaded by Anjali Sankar are held every third Thursday at 14.00-15.00. People salaried by BrainDrugs are expected to participate but everyone is welcome to join. The next meeting is February 2nd. Permanent Zoom-link for the ECF-meetings:


Please update the list if you have BrainDrugs-related papers that are missing or the status on those already in the list is no longer correct. Also, please remember that when you submit your BrainDrugs-related manuscripts you must not forget to acknowledge the Lundbeck Foundation.

A few useful examples are given below:

- The authors thank the Lundbeck Foundation for generous support (BrainDrugs grant: R279-2018-1145).
- This study is supported by the Lundbeck Foundation (BrainDrugs grant: R279-2018-1145).
- Xxx is funded by the Lundbeck Foundation (BrainDrugs grant: R279-2018-1145).

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the BrainDrugs Annual Meeting which will be held on June 8-9, 2023, at Comwell Borupgaard.

Best regards,
Gitte M Knudsen & Peter S Jensen