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Time for another newsletter and also a good opportunity to thank all of you who either made your way to the annual meeting a month ago to Snekkersten, and to those of you who attended online. To many of us, this was the first physical conference in 15 months and the weather was wonderful and spirits high. As usual, the breaks gave good opportunity for informal scientific discussions. It was great to see so many of you present novel data and publications are on the rise. A special thanks goes to Vibeke Dam for organizing games and quizzes for the ECF members, who got to know each other much better.

Summer holidays are now coming up – we wish you wonderful and well-deserved holidays.


Staff news: We welcome Anjali Sankar who started on WP3 on July 1st. Overall, we have now filled all current positions in BrainDrugs. You can find a list of all the salaried BrainDrugs employees on

Funding news: Congratulations to Vibeke Dam who has received an international postdoc fellowship from the Danish Research Council. More information here. Don’t forget to send Peter information about additional funding for BrainDrugs. The Lundbeck Foundation welcomes this!

Publication news: So far, we have a few publications out:

When you submit your BrainDrugs-related manuscripts, please do not forget to acknowledge the Lundbeck Foundation. A few useful examples are given below:
- The authors thank the Lundbeck Foundation for generous support (BrainDrugs grant: R279-2018-1145).
- This study is supported by the Lundbeck Foundation (BrainDrugs grant: R279-2018-1145).
- Xxx is funded by the Lundbeck Foundation (BrainDrugs grant: R279-2018-1145).

Early Career Forum (ECF)
: The ECF meetings are held every third Thursday at 14.00-15.00 and the next meetings are:

August 26th                                  Brice Ozenne (WP3)
September 16th                          John (WP6)
October 7th                                  Vincent (WP5)
October 28th                               Anjali (WP5)

Meeting ID: 830 0961 6732, Passcode: 187863

Remember that you always can find updates, incl these newsletters, posted on

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Gitte M Knudsen & Peter S Jensen