Dear all

I hope you all are doing fine in spite of the ongoing pandemic and that you still have the chance to do good science. From now on, we will send you some more regular updates on the progress of the BrainDrugs project which hopefully will help you get filled in on the status of the different WP’s. One important component of the future BrainDrugs Newsletter is that all WP-leaders will be asked to provide a few lines about the progress of their WP, in the hope that the more you know about the other WP’s the more synergy between WP’s will be established.

Overall, we are almost done with recruitment of scientific staff for the individual WP’s. In WP3 and WP5, we have recently recruited neuroimaging analysis staff at postdoc and junior faculty level from abroad which means that they are not yet physically in Denmark. You can find a list of the BrainDrugs employees on

Since our meeting with the Lundbeck Foundation in October, one important structural achievement is that the Early Career Forum (ECF) has been established with postdoc Vibeke Dam (NRU, WP4) as chair. Vibeke has done a great job in starting this series of meetings. Until now the participants in these online meetings have mainly been postdocs, PhD-students or research assistants funded directly by BrainDrugs so that they could familiarize themselves with BrainDrugs components and each other. These meetings are open to all BrainDrugs interested. We look forward to being able to meet you online!

The ECF meetings are held every third Thursday at 14.00-15.00 and the next meeting is Thursday Jan 28th, 2021 @ 2-3PM. Information about the speaker and topic of each meeting will be sent out before along with zoom links to the meeting.

Remember that you always can find updates, incl these newsletters, posted on

If there are anyone missing on the mailing list, please let us know by sending a mail to BrainDrugs Center Manager Peter Jensen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Best regards,
Gitte M Knudsen